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Agree that having free use of faktaomfartyg would be great.  Some suggestions:
1. Get permission to use the data
2. Nominate a person in charge with helpers -
3. A WIKIPEDIA type would work

Tom Schneider

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Hi Tom,
Thanks for your support

As it looks for now, Micke from Fakta om fartyg won't be able to give us his photos because of copyright reasons. But I'll try to contact him on the written data which would be a good starting point for our database.
Once the database frame is finished everyone who wants will be able to contribute his knowledge. For this step, of course we will need some Moderators/Reviewers who check the data.
A Wiki could be a possible solution but I'm aiming for something more specialised. Therefore I'm already discussing the possible solutions with a company which does professional web design.

I'll post some more info on how I intend to do the database later.

But you can already help us now by letting the ship community know that this project exists. So if you have any friends or contacts who could be interested in this project please tell them about it.

Kind regards,